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Aren't all club memberships very similar? Here, you won't get free shipping, discounts and free returns. But you will help others. With this amount, we will buy building materials and donate them. Also as a premium member, you will receive regular reports about where your money is spent. We can change the future, and we need you :) Join us on our journey.

£149 + VAT per year
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Konsiteo Club membership fee is £149 + VAT per year, payable through a secure link after we send you an email with all information.

After you click "I want to contribute!" button or after you press "ENTER" you will receive an email with additional information regarding Konsiteo Housing Fund and Konsiteo Club. Then you can decide if you want to become Konsiteo Club member. United Kingdom VAT rate is 20%. Contact us by email club@konsiteo.com or by Messenger +44 744 1908 534. International civil engineering team is always here just for you :) Let's build our future together!
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